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Veni Vidi Pizza


Taste the authentic Italian cuisine at the Dutch coast. Veni Vidi Pizza serves the traditional Italian cuisine: fresh, homemade and not too fussy but especially passionate about the ingredients.


At Veni Vidi Pizza, the gourmet is more then welcome for crispy ciabattas and grilled panini’s of delicious freshly baked bread. As a side dish or as a main course you will also find tasty soups or salads with truffle mascarpone or buffalo mozzarella. There is so much choice that it is hard to choose! Especially for these people there is a tasteplatter composed by the chef in which you can discover the best of the menu.

Save a spot for one of the traditional desserts. For Italians, the dessert is the finishing touch of a sophisticated dinner. For a grand finish, therefore, choose the silkysmooth Tiramisu with powerful espresso or enjoy a special liqueur collection. Veni Vidi Pizza combines the intriguing flavors of Tia Maria, Disaronno and Isolabella Sambuca on one plateau. Taste, discover and enjoy, at Veni Vidi Pizza.