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De Werkplaats


What do we offer?

Personal training Get personalized guidance and periodization tailored to you. You will also be regularly weighed and measured, and receive nutritional advice with ongoing support.

Personal group training

Train in small groups, with a maximum of 6 people. We combine strength, gymnastics, and functional training. We can give you the attention and time to teach you the proper techniques and physically challenge you for amazing results.


We also facilitate training for larger groups of people. With our unique location by the beach and dunes, we create a challenging and inspiring workout for everyone.

The men behind De Werkplaats Tim & Maurice

'De Werkplaats' arose from two best friends combining their passion and strengths. In their own personal training studio, they share their knowledge of sports and nutrition with you.

The men behind 'De Werkplaats' are Tim and Maurice. Our ambition is to help you achieve your goals. As the name suggests, our studio is a place where hard work is done. We do think it is important to combine hard work with lots of fun, because that is the way to adjust your lifestyle in the long run.